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埃及+约旦 12天10夜 Egypt+Jordan 12D10N

Destination Egypt
Category 2020/开放询问
Duration 12 days 10 nights

Travel Period

11 Nov - 22 Nov 2019   


Dates & Prices
Depart date



人数 :  6+1为领队 / 10+2位领队

Departure from Singapore

Total People: 10 Travelers + 2 Leaders


Day 1

从新加坡飞往神秘古文明国度 - 开罗 


From Singapore to the mysterious ancient civilization - Cairo

Arriving in Cairo is a late night, staying at the historic Mina Palace Marriott Hotel to ease the fatigue of long-haul flights.


Day 2

享用早点后,直接开始埃及重头戏 世界七大奇迹之一的吉萨金字塔与人面狮身像!在早晨美丽的光线下捕捉幕幕充满惊叹的画面!


下午前往开罗最有人文特色的BazaarKhan el-Khalili逛街吃晚餐!

After enjoying breakfast, start the main episode of Egypt directly – the Giza Pyramids and the face of the human face! Capture the screen with amazement in the beautiful light of the morning!
At noon, head to the world's most famous and largest Egyptian museum, immersed in the history of antiquities! In the afternoon, head to the most influential Bazaar in Cairo: Khan el-Khalili for dinner.

Day 3

在宫廷式的庭院享用美味早餐,欣赏金字塔绝美日出后,稍作休息并启程前往埃及潜水胜地 红海之都Hurghada! 漫游Hurghada城市,逛逛市集,享受轻悠的小资生活!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the court-style courtyard, admire the beautiful sunrise of the pyramids, take a break and set off for the Egyptian diving spot– Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea! Explore the city of Hurghada, a relaxing day!

Day 4

在美丽的沿海酒店起身,享用美味早点后,参与一日红海浮潜/潜水,与海底世界的各种奇珍生物来个视觉盛宴!结束浮潜/潜水后,启程出发古埃及众神之地 Luxor!

Wake up at the beautiful costal hotel, enjoy the delicious breakfast, take part in a day of snorkeling/diving in the Red Sea, and enjoy a visual feast with all kinds of rare creatures in the underwater world! After the snorkeling/diving, set off for the Luxor!

 Day 5


Luxor, formerly known as Thebes, is the world's greatest open-air museum, full of awe-inspiring ancient civilizations! In the morning, visit the Valley of the Emperor,here is the valley where the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and nobles were buried. Afterwards, visit the most complete and large-scale temple of the Sun and the Luxor Temple to experience the greatness of ancient Egyptian civilization!

Day 6

在接受了伟大古文明的洗礼后,埃及之旅暂告一段落。今天咱们从Luxor乘搭飞往约旦哈希姆王国的航班,踏上经典电影《Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade》的探险之旅!

Today, take a flight from Luxor to the Jordan and embark on the adventure of the classic movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"!

Day 7

享用了早点后,大伙们开始约旦历史悠久的首都 安曼山城的游览,这是一个融合了传统和现代为一体的城市,拥有独一无二的文化气息。造访市内的制高点,也是最古老的要塞 - 城堡山(The Citadel of Amman)。之后参观约旦最大的罗马剧场(Roman Amphitheater)。

午饭后,驱车前往世界著名的打卡圣地,亦是世界地势最低(负424米)的湖泊 死海! 在这里悠闲的漂浮着,欣赏着中东的美丽日落,保证是人生一大享受!

After enjoying the breakfast, everyone started the tour of the historic capital of Jordan, Amman, a city that combines tradition and modernity. Then visit Roman Amphitheater. After lunch, drive to the world famous and lowest (negative 424 m) lake – the Dead Sea! Floating leisurely here, enjoying the beautiful sunset in the Middle East, guarantee a great enjoyment of life!

Day 8

结束了死海之旅后,开始约旦探索的重头戏 - 佩特拉古城之旅!



Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World! In the soft light of the afternoon, the ancient city of the canyon has become extraordinarily beautiful!After dinner, visit the ancient city and enjoy the light music show of "Petra Night". 

Day 9



Still miss the beauty of the world miracle Petra? We will visit Petra again! The photographer will capture more different angles for you! In the afternoon, back to the capital, Amman.

Day 10

享用早点之后,乘搭国际航班回到埃及首都开罗。入住酒店后,来到开罗东区的Citadel Of Saladin,一座12世纪对抗十字军启建的堡垒,内里有十分宏伟具土耳其风格的大型清真寺。之后前往开罗著名的死亡之城,一个以大片墓地与民宅结合的区域,地下住的是亡魂,地面住的是当地村民,这里的门牌并非门牌号而是以墓主的名字!

After breakfast, take the flight back to Cairo. After check in hotel will visit to the Citadel Of Saladin in the eastern district of Cairo, a fortress built in the 12th century against the Crusaders, with a magnificent large Turkish-style mosque. Then go to Cairo's famous "City of Death", an area where a large cemetery is combined with a residential building. The house number here is not the house number but the name of the tomb owner!

Day 11

来到旅程的最后一天了!今日大伙造访非洲最古老的清真寺 Al-Azhar Mosque,之后回到Khan el-Khalili Bazaar做最后的购物!下午动身前往机场,乘搭回国的班机踏上归途!

Come to the last day of the journey! Today, visit the oldest mosque in Africa, Al-Azhar Mosque, and then returns to Khan el-Khalili Bazaar for the final shopping! In the afternoon, will leave for the airport and take the flight back to home!

Day 12


Arrive at Singapore Airport and end of the journey!


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1. 团费包括

• 新加坡往返开罗国际机票 (经济舱) Full Package With Air Ticket

• 酒店 4 - 5星 , (2 人一房)

• 埃及国内远近程交通 (国内航班,包车以及市区交通)

• 金字塔内骑骆驼费用

• 红海浮潜/潜水

• 行程内所列的所有门票

• 免费个人旅游保险 (12 天) 仅限在马来西亚工作和生活的本土公民,启程和返回地点必须是马来西亚 。


2. 团费不包括

• 到新加坡樟宜国际机场的交通

• 膳食 (12 天估计花费约 RM1200)

• 自由活动时的个人消费

• 行李超重 ( 1x23kg )

• 因天气,交通延误,罢工以及本公司不能控制的情况等不可抗拒因素下,所引致的额外费用

• 所有以上未提及的费用


3. 订金和付款方式

• 订金金额 RM 2,000.00 于报名时缴付。该订金恕不退还,除非因人数不足而须取消该团

• 确定成团之后将需缴付 RM 6,000.00

• 团费出发前 6 个月需缴付剩余余额


Registration procedures and conditions

Package included

• Singapore to Cairo Round trip air ticket (Economy class) Full Package With Air Ticket

• Accommodations(4 - 5 star Hotel , Twin Sharing)

• Transport (inbound and outbound flight, car rent with driver and city transportation)

• Camel fee in Pyramid

 Red sea snorkeling/diving

• All entrance fee which mentioned in itienrary

• Free Travel insurance (12 days) is only applicable for Malaysia based tour member, the point of embarkation and return must

be Malaysia.


2. Package not included

• Transport to Singapore Changi Airport

• Meals (12 days estimated RM1200)

• Personal consumption at free time

• Excess baggage (1x23Kg)

• Additional expenses caused by weather, traffic delay, strike, and uncontrollable circumstances beyond the control of our


• All expenses none mentioned above


3.Deposit and payment methods

• Deposit RM 2,000.00 need to be paid at the time of registration. The deposit is non-refundable unless the registration is

insufficient to form a tour

• Once the trip is confirmed,will be required to pay tour fee RM 6,000.00

• The remaining tour fee is due for payment 6 months prior to departure




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